Innovative Vision

We are pleased to share with you our small achievements, over several years of learning and experiences in our jewelry area.

Our journey began in downtown Pombaline, in a family business, almost two decades ago. Today, we are a young entrepreneurial group that provides opportunities for crafts and design professionals committed to the craft of jewelry.

We aim to be an affordable gold and silver jewelry brand. To achieve this, we try to work by always studying the tastes and trends of our consumers. We try to maintain an efficient balance in our operations, and the competitiveness in the sector makes us strive more for an excellent and sustainable relationship with our customers.

Our Company

The corporate name is Far Equation Unipessoal, Lda.

Our Team

Formed by:

  • Sales technicians and operational manager: Francisco Barros
  • Sales and customer support technician: Tânia Fonseca.
  • Responsible for managing social networks and simple and fast communication to consumers: Flaviane Posses 

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