Marks and Contrast

The pieces produced and/or sold by LUSIJOIA are contrasted by INCM – Imprensa Nacional da Casa da Moeda. In accordance with Portuguese Law No. 98/2015, the official body responsible for ensuring compliance with the quality criteria for the certification of articles with precious metal is the INCM.

Assay offices provide this guarantee when they verify the legal touch (permillage of the precious metal contained in an alloy) and apply the contrast next to the responsibility mark, manufacturer or equivalent, using modern analytical processes and methods, supported and accredited by IPA.

The application of the marks is only mandatory on pieces weighing more than 2 grams. In case of doubt regarding the metal authenticity of LUSIJOIA items, the buyer may resort to assay office services. Access more information on hallmarking or an Official Appraiser from the INCM.

LUSIJOIA also makes purchases of items with precious metals, they have their Official Casa da Moeda Appraiser who is part of our team to carry out purchasing and appraisal services.

The pieces from the online store www.lusijoia.pt can be viewed physically, or inspected by authorities at the LUSIJOIA physical store located at Rua Elias Garcia 241, store 11, 1st floor of Galerias de São José in Amadora 2700-336.

LUSIJOIA holds licenses NºL340310 and l270022, authorized to practice the activity of jewelry retailing with and without establishment by Activity Titles with Nº T2669 and Nº T3324, all issued by Imprensa Nacional – Casa da Moeda Contrastaria Lisboa (hereinafter, INCM).

Guarantee certificate

LUSIJOIA pieces are made with noble metals and synthetic or natural gemstones, reproduced in 19-carat Portuguese gold, 9-carat gold and 925 sterling silver. When the order is received by the buyer, it must be carefully analyzed. In the event of any non-conformities, these must be communicated to LUSIJOIA immediately.

When making the purchase, we issue a guarantee certificate that describes all the characteristics of the piece, and due to its intrinsic value, it guarantees a relationship of seriousness and trust with our customers.

The parts warranty extends to 2 years covering all manufacturing defects and damages.

For warranty purposes, the invoice number or other suitable proof of purchase must be indicated.

When our team verifies the manufacturing defect and confirms the validity of the warranty, the part is corrected or exchanged at no cost to the consumer.

The WARRANTY does not apply in the following cases:

  1. If the defect is caused by improper use or accidents that cause scratching/denting of the pieces, the breaking of stones, as well as the fading of finishes (more common in silver pieces).
  2. If there is contact with any chemicals, perfumes, makeup, intense sun exposure, swimming pools or similar; They may cause discoloration of the piece, especially silver items.
  3. If the part is modified in an attempt to repair it by third parties.

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